About Us

Let's begin with a brief introduction to the proprietor of Figureland, his name is Steve and he had an idea to start a business long ago but when life leads you on a path and raising a family came first, it was finding the right time to put his ideas, his knowledge and his passion into good use.

Steve grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and he soon found that he had a passion for many things including toy figures, video games, models, drawing, films, science fiction and more and just like many of the customers and fans today, there are many similar interests among us and he loves nothing better than assisting them and talking to them about their passions.

Being a collector is something that grows with you and becomes quite an addiction and Steve laughs about this because it also requires a lot of space to keep everything so let's begin by welcoming you to Figureland, a business born from dedication and a passion to help your collection grow and to also offer unique gifts for everyone.


Figureland is not just about figures alone, it's also about products related to the characters they represent and is also about us as human figures and this puts business into a whole new perspective.

When concentrating and researching the subject of figures a little more, it was then realized that there are so many companies around the world that can offer so much more and as Figureland continues to grow, more products are being introduced including those that are not as widely available as they should be so it's all about introducing these quality, unique and fun products to those who are unaware of them.

We introduce to you your favourite characters from films, television programs, cartoons, comic books, anime and video games but also from many other subjects including Military, Music, Mythology, Sports and so much more so why stop there because we also specialize in many additional items including but not limited to prop replicas, models, die cast, gadgets to key rings, bust banks, apparel and more so there's plenty for the human figure as well.

When your looking for something different, we are sure to have something for just about anyone looking for that unique collectible and unexpected gift for someone special if your life.

Let's look at your favourite actors because the chances are there is a figure, a poster, a mug, a t-shirt and many more products related to them and that's what we are here for, to not only provide them but to also source them for you because we have tens of thousands of products available to us from a huge variety of manufacturers and suppliers.

Our aim is to keep growing, to keep introducing new lines and to provide and assist all of our customers with what they need so give us a call or drop us a line and talk to us because the service is built for you and we would love to hear from you.

The possibilities are endless!

Thank you for your time and for reading this information, it is always a pleasure to serve every customer and to grow with you.