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About Us

"Hello, my name is Steve, I am the owner and I would like to personally welcome you to Figureland and also to thank you for showing an interest in what Figureland is all about."

Figureland provides figures as well as products for and related to figures, which also includes our customers because after all, they are human figures.

The original idea behind Figureland was to provide Action Figures, but after concentrating and researching into the subject of figures a little more, it was then realized that there are many companies around the world that can offer so much more and as Figureland continues to grow, more products are being introduced including those that are not as widely available as they should be and it's also great to introduce these products to those who are unaware of them.

Figureland was created from a passion and turned into a profession to provide customers and dedicated collectors with quality, unique and fun products including and associated with collectible figures, statues, toys, games and playthings pus much more but let's explain this in more detail because there's more to it than this.

The current line up of products being added consists of Figures, Statues, Busts, Models, Playthings, Giftware, Kitchenware and Barware and there is still a lot more to come as new ideas are always being looked at and at Figureland I want customers to grow with me as I introduce a wider range of exciting products and when you actually start to think about the products provided, the possibilities are endless.

It's always great to hear from customers whether it's just to say thank you, say hello or to ask about new products or services you would like to see.

Thank you for your time and for reading this information, it will be a pleasure to serve you.