About Us

Welcome to Figureland, born from dedication and passion to help customers source unique and collectible products from around the globe.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch because the distributors deal with a vast range of products too large to list at any one time.

Figureland is dedicated to providing unique and collectible figures as well as products related to the characters and licenses they represent, making the product range vast!

If you are looking for something different or perhaps looking to start or build an existing collection, then Figureland is here to assist with thousands of products available from global leading distributors who work with hundreds of manufacturers from all over the globe.

Products at Figureland are related to fan favourite characters from movies, cartoons, television programs, comic books, anime and video games but also from many other subjects like military, music, mythology, sports and more, but why stop there because there's many additional products available that are related to the same licenses including but not limited to statues, prop replicas, models, diecast, bust banks, gadgets, apparel and more so there's always plenty of variety.

Today we see many companies around the world offering huge varieties of very unique and collectible products, some of which can be hard to source, but as Figureland has continued to grow since 2015, more of these products have been in stock, on Pre-Order or simply from a customers special request, so this means if you cannot see a certain product listed, just get in touch and a quick search will be done through one of the distributors.

The possibilities are endless!