Big Chief Studios

We recently announced that we are now working with Big Chief Studios and are proud to introduce their products to our customers.

To view the products that are currently available, please click on the link below.

Big Chief Studios 

The current range includes James Bond, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Gladiator plus their new Thunderbirds range which be available soon.

Here are some images plus a sneak peek at two of the Thunderbirds figures.

Sherlock 221b Baker Street front Entrance with lighting.

bcs-sherlockholmes-221b-entrance-5 bcs-sherlockholmes-221b-entrance-6

Sherlock Jim Moriarty

bcs-sherlockholmes-jim-moriarty-7 bcs-sherlockholmes-jim-moriarty-8

Sherlock Doctor John Watson

bcs-sherlockholmes-john-watson-13 bcs-sherlockholmes-john-watson-14

Sherlock Holmes ‘The Abominable Bride’

bcs-sherlock-holmes-the-abominable-bride-12 bcs-sherlock-holmes-the-abominable-bride-13

Sherlock Doctor John Watson ‘The Abominable Bride’

bcs-dr-john-watson-the-abominable-bride-12 bcs-dr-john-watson-the-abominable-bride-13

James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ – James Bond – Sean Connery

bcs-jb-seanconnery-goldfinger-2 bcs-jb-seanconnery-goldfinger-9

James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ – Auric Goldfinger – Gert Frobe

bcs-jb-auric-goldfinger-6 bcs-jb-auric-goldfinger-7

James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ – Oddjob – Harold Sakata

bcs-jb-goldfinger-oddjob-12 bcs-jb-goldfinger-oddjob-7

Doctor Who 8th Doctor – Paul McGann

bcs-8th-dcwho-paulmcgaan-1 bcs-8th-dcwho-paulmcgaan-5

Doctor Who 11th Doctor – Matt Smith

bcs-11th-doctor-series-7-3 bcs-11th-doctor-series-7-13

Gladiator Maximus Bust – Russell Crowe

bxa-general-max-dec-meridius-1 bxa-general-max-dec-meridius-2

Thunderbirds – Scott Tracy

bcs_ga_thuderbirds_scott_tracy1 bcs_ga_thuderbirds_scott_tracy2

Thunderbirds – Virgil Tracy

bcs_ga_thuderbirds_virgil_tracy1 bcs_ga_thuderbirds_virgil_tracy2

Updates for the new Thunderbirds figures and more from Big Chief Studios will be announced as and when we receive the information.

McFarlane Toys Reveals New Labyrinth Jareth Figure

Newly announced from McFarlane Toys is this new Jareth action figure based on the Gobiln King from the film 1986 Labyrinth and was played by singer and actor David Bowie.

Jareth is a mystical figure who possesses the powers of transformation and he is the Goblin King of the Labyrinth who has an ability to create crystal orbs within his hands and is able to use these orbs to create various illusions to entrance and manipulate others but despite his ruling over the Goblins, he resents this position and often dreams of a different life.

This Jareth 7″ scale detailed collectible Jareth action figure is depicted in his velvet tailcoat from the iconic Ballroom dream sequence and includes masquerade mask and crystal orb accessories.

The figure has been designed with over 12 points of articulation for dynamic posing and features a stylized Labyrinth branded display base which is showcased in window box packaging.

Due for release approx. Oct – Nov 2017

Click here to pre-order.






Iron Studios

Iron studios is a new range of products that have been introduced and there’s quite a range of these stunning polystone statues available including many of your favourite characters from films, video games and more.

You can view the full range currently available here…

Iron Studios Statues

Here is just a small selection of images from the currently available statues.

ironstudio_aaou_artscale_hawkeye_6    istudio_aaou_artscale_iman_MkXlll_5

ironstudio_aaou_artscale_vision_5    ironstudio_aaou_blackwidow_diorama_2

ironstudio_aaou_captainamerica_diorama_2    ironstudio_aaou_ironman_mkxlv_batdio_2

ironstudio_ayrtonsenna_1993_livelegend_af_5    ironstudio_bak_artscale_batgirl_9

ironstudios_bak_as_dcl_89batman_7    ironstudios_bak_artscale_harleyquinn_9

ironstudio_bak_artscale_joker_5    ironstudios_gotg_rockgro_prisbrk_dio_7

ironstudios_dc_artscale_deathstroke_5   ironstudios_dc_artscale_shazam_5

ironstudios_marvel_artscale_antman_9    ironstudios_marvel_s3_artscale_punisher_5

Coming Very Soon!

There are two new manufacturers that have been contacted and they are happy for their products to be introduced.

The two in question are Eaglemoss and Iron Studios.

Eaglemoss-Publications    IronStudios

We are waiting on more details from Eaglemoss but Iron Studios products are already available from one of the suppliers.

Iron Studios have a few products available now while the rest will be available for pre-order and all be listed very shortly.


New Year, New Products

It’s coming up to almost a year and a half since Figureland was launched but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

It’s been a while since certain products were mentioned about being introduced including Sideshow, Hot Toys and many more but after working hard to deal with this, we know that customers want these products, but reasonably priced.

Due to the way the £ has been going and with suppliers starting to increase their prices a little, new suppliers are being sought and there’s a huge variety of products available from all current suppliers but it can take time to list many products.

What ever your looking for, just ask and we will hopefully be able to assist you because you name it, the suppliers probably stock it.

Thanks again for reading.

Liking Eaglemoss Products

Now in contact with yet another manufacturer from across the globe to source their products.

Eaglemoss have some stunning products that I know customers would like to see on the store and after finding details about their new line of Aliens and Predators figures, they also have much more that would fit in nicely with the current lines available.

Here are some of the images from their new Aliens and Predators range coming soon and these should be up and available to order on the Figureland store very soon.


eaglemoss_alien_dallas1 eaglemoss_alien_xenomorph1 eaglemoss_alien3_dogalien1 eaglemoss_aliens_hicks1  eaglemoss_aliens_xenomorph1 eaglemoss_avp_predator1 eaglemoss_predator_berserker1 eaglemoss_predator1 eaglemoss_prometheus_deacon1

Introducing HMO Collectibles

As Figureland continues to grow, it’s great find new manufacturers and to introduce their stunning products and HMO Collectibles is one the latest line of products that are now available to order.

HMO stands for Hand Made Objects.

HMO create highly detailed statues and busts at present, which are fairly large in scale and size and are based on video game characters as well as other lines and we look forward to introducing more of their products in the future.

Take a look here at what we currently have available.


BEASTLY BEAUTIES SIREN BUST                          BEASTLY BEAUTIES MEDUSA BUSThmo_beastlybeautiesbust_siren1     hmo_beastlybeautiesbust_medusa1

DEVIL MAY CRY DANTE STATUE                           HEAVENLY SWORD NARIKO STATUEhmo_devilmaycry_dante1     hmo_heavenlysword_nariko2

BOUNTIES OF BATHOS CROW KING STATUE    LEGEND OF KAGE – KAGE STATUEhmo_bountiesbathos_crowking1     hmo-retroreboot-legendofkage1

Here are some sneak peek images of future products coming from HMO Collectibles.

RASTAN SAGA STATUE                                           BEASTLY BEAUTIES EMPUSA BUSThmo_rastansaga1     hmo_beastlybeautiesbust_empusa1

BEASTLY BEAUTIES HAMADRYAD BUST            BEASTLY BEAUTIES SPHINX BUSThmo_beastlybeautiesbust_hamadryad1    hmo_beastlybeauties_sphinx1

If you have any questions regarding these products, feel free to drop us a line.



When you start a new business and need lots of support, it seems very difficult and when so many companies contact you with advice guides and the same ideas, it becomes VERY overwhelming!

I also see so many companies demanding quantities of money for their services and as explained already, the business was on a very tight budget!

Having business costs and personal costs to tend to as well as a family to support I have worked so hard to find support and funding through many sources and I am still in the same, if not worse situation.

The problem now is that I am forced to go back to full time employment due to the lack of real support and funding to help with business growth and this was something I wish I did not have to do and working as a sole trader, everything must be done alone and through my suppliers, there are thousands of products available but getting this all listed on to a website takes time but I am not giving up no matter how hard or how much work is involved.

I have connections with manufacturers and suppliers all over the UK and overseas but due to minimum order requirements and no credit available at this time, what do you do?

The business was entered in to the recent #VirginMedia #VOOM, I’ve tried #Crowdfunding #Equity #Angels #Banks #Grants but the amount of time all this takes as well as trying to market and advertise a new business is a lot of work which I do enjoy as I am learning but guidance, support and funding is essential for many start ups but seems difficult to come by.

With busness growth, this includes providing to more than just the UK and EU countries and to introduce a huge variety of products from many global manufacturers that UK competitors just do not provide and it is a fairly unique business and could eventually provide a wholesale service, create new job opportunties and even become involved in manufacturing new products.

I am open to ideas, suggestions and backing from anyone who thinks they can help to grow my business but please, no adverts, links to more guides because I have tons of this but no real and direct connections with people who can really help.

Thank you.


Making time for social media and blog

Good afternoon.

As we continue to increase our product range, it takes time to grow a new business and as much as we try to make time for social media and the blog to inform you about the latest updates, more time is till required.

At present, we are going through huge stock lists from various manufacturers and suppliers and will be importing these on to the site and as some of you already know, we are now one of the of the only UK providers of Chronicle Collectibles but there is still a lot more coming.

We also love to hear from existing and new customers on ways to improve and products you would like to see so please feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Regards Figureland