Figures, Sizes And How To Care For Them

How do you define the meaning of the word Figure and what is a Figure?

Here is a more structured list of information regarding the term Figure but we won't include terms regarding money, numbers or lines like A Figure Of Speech or Figure It Out because that's not what Figureland is about.

The meaning of figures

An action figure, toy figure, mannequin or synthetic figure capable of multiple poses.

A wooden, plastic, rubber, metal, stone or marble figure, figurine or statue.

A figure is a bodily form, frame or a representation, pictorial or sculpture and an alternative name for a body of human form or a human being.

A figure is an organic structure, a physical structure or an individual, likeness, mortal, person, somebody, someone, shape, physique, build, torso, soul, character or personage, especially one of distinction like a well-known, important, influential, worthy, notable, famous figure in society.

A public, dramatic, fictional, horror, science fiction, fantasy, historical, mythological or heroic figure, an important figure in modern music or the dove is a figure of peace.

An emblem, type, symbol, decoration, decorative, ornament, ornamental and something used to beautify.

Defining scale sizes

Are you new to the world of figures and statues and confused by scale sizes?

Here is our useful guide to assist you and if you have any questions, just ask.

The use of scale sizes can change by as much as 30% depending on the size of the original object but in terms of action figures we're talking about smaller representations of the human figure and the standard size used by toy companies is based on the ideal human figure being 6 feet tall which is 72 inches and is classed as a 1:1 scale figure.

Statues can be quite different due to their vast and varied sizes and as an example let's pick the Avengers Hulk because he stands a lot taller than an average human being so if the statue stands at approx. 10" in height, he will be classed as a 1:10 scale statue but the Hulk can change sizes depending on how angry he is.

Here is a size guide for Figures

1:1 Scale = Approx: 72 inches or a 6ft tall life size figures
1:2 Scale = Approx: 36 inches or 3ft tall
1:3 Scale = Approx: 24 inches or 2ft tall
1:4 Scale = Approx: 18 inches
1:6 Scale = Approx: 12 inches or 1ft tall
1:7 Scale = Approx: 10 inches
1:8 Scale = Approx: 9 inches
1:9 Scale = Approx: 8 inches
1:10 Scale = Approx: 7 inches
1:12 Scale = Approx: 6 inches
1:18 Scale = Approx: 4 inches
1:36 Scale = Approx: 2 inches
1:72 Scale = Approx: 1 inch

In our Figures By Scale category you will also notice that there are sizes listed in inches like the examples listed below because some figures are slightly over the 2, 4, 6, 7 inches height so we added these just to help a little more.

2 - 2+ Inch Figures for figures that may be 2", 2.5", 2.75" tall and so on.
4 - 4+ Inch Figures for figures that may be 4", 4.5", 4.75" tall and so on.
7 - 7+ Inch Figures for figures that may be 7", 7.5", 7.75" tall and so on.

Once you go beyond action figures there is no end to the size and scale of what a figure can be and a few examples would be products like toy soldiers which would generally be a 1:32 scale figure which is approximately 54mm (2.25 inches) including the soldiers base or a 1.35 scale figure being 60mm.

You also have scales like the 'OO' and 'HO' gauge which is classed as a 1:72 scale figure being approximately 20mm in height and this size is mainly used for model railways.

The other scale sizes that you will see very often are used for models, remote controlled and die cast products and when these are introduced, more sizes will be added.

There is a wide variety of size variations and they change around the world.

Clean your figurine, to keep it pristine

Taking good care of your figures will ensure that they last and will help towards keeping them clean and free from the elements that can cause damage so here is our guide with some useful tips to help you look after your figures but you may also have your own solutions which we would like to hear about to let our customers know.

Caring for your Figures

Have you ever come across some action figures that have been left in your loft, the basement or a cupboard or maybe you purchased some from the local car boot sale, garage sale or a charity shop and you even came across a figure that you've been looking for after many years and you got it for a bargain price but you notice that the figure is not in the best of condition because it is dirty and has a build-up of grime on it or it's covered in dust and needs a serious bath.

Fear no more because there are some possible solutions to this problem using some basic methods that includes a bowl of luke warm water that is deep enough to submerge your figure in, some dish washing liquid or hand soap, some dry paper towels or a soft clean cloth and a new soft toothbrush because it will be free from toothpaste residue which can cause paint to come off.

Please be aware that you should not use hot water because it can soften the plastic causing the figure to become misshapen and don't use moisturizers because it can leave a greasy feel and can also damage the paint.

You may notice that the figure has some marks on it like perhaps some drawings or perhaps a bit of a sticky sweet so make sure you give them a more thorough cleaning so start by placing the figure in the warm water for about five minutes which should remove most of the dust and help to break up substances that may have built up, especially around the joints.

Remember that you shouldn't use this method for all figures because they may have decals that may come off in the water or they may have metal parts like chains or tiny screws on the joints that could go rusty.

Now remove the figure from the bowl and while it's still wet, place just a small drop of soap onto the toothbrush and begin to give the figure a gentle scrubbing with short even stokes rather than scrubbing it back and fourth and don't use exsessive pressure, be gentle and use just enough pressure to clean off the dirt but make sure you get into those hard to reach places like the joints and creases then place the figure on a paper towel or dry clean cloth and leave it for about one minute which will allow the soap to break up any additional spots that the figure may have and be sure not to leave the figure any longer than one minute because the soap may start to dry up.

Give the toothbrush a good rinse under a tap to remove any extra soap and place the figure back in the warm water and give it a final gentle scrub to remove any dirt that may still remain and finally run the figure under a tap using luke warm water and make sure you turn it to give it a good rinse then use a dry paper towel or soft dry cloth and give it a gentle pat down to soak up as much of the water as possible and try not to rub the figure because it may damage the paint.

Do not be tempted or even think of using something like a hair dryer because it could ruin your figure so just leave the figure on a clean dry paper towel or soft dry cloth so any extra water can simpy evaporate but place it in a safe place and out of direct sunlight as well as somewhere were it won't get dust on it then leave it for about 10 to 12 hours before packing it away or putting it on display.

If it's just some light dust that has collected on your displayed figures, you could use a can of compressed air that is used for computer equipment and keyboards and just give them a good blow and lastly, you could get a soft fibre dusting brush that grabs dust while you us it, a new soft blusher make-up brush or even a small soft paint brush.

Beware of the elements

To make sure your figures last longer and maintain their collectible value, here are a few simple steps for you to remember.

Over a period of time, figures can show signs of aging and paint can rub off or start to peel away and because most are made of plastic, they may become discolored as well as get dirty and dusty so you could use the steps above if this occurs to keep them clean.

Direct sunlight or intense heat like from a radiator of a fire place is a figures worst enemy because it will cause the colour to become faded and if it's a really hot day and the sun is beaming down on your figures, the plastic can become soft and misshapen and the same applies with hot water as we explained while cleaning your figures.

Humidity is what can cause paint to rub off and peel away and can also cause any decals to fall off as well as loosen the figures joints which will prevent the figure from being able to maintain it's ability to pose correctly.

Dirt and dust is an obvious nightmare and if you handle your figures regularly, the natural oils from your fingers can also be a problem but as for dust, it's not so much about damage, it's how your figures will look if on display.

Do you keep Figures in the original packaging?

If you prefer to keep your figures in the original packaging to maintain their value and to keep the figure protected and in pristine condition, the packaging will still require some care and attention because it is not made to last a lifetime so the rules that apply to figures will also apply to the packaging like damage from direct sunlight and other sources of heat because it can loosen glue, it can make Blister packs very brittle which will cause them to crack and split and it can also damage card backed packaging by bleaching and fading the graphics and will cause glossy based card to start bubbling and pealing. Smoking is also something to remember because figures or packaging will become yellow stained over a period of time.

Backing card on packaging can easily bend, be creased or peel apart if dropped or handled and stored incorrectly and again we will mention your finger's natural oils which can cause the inks on the card to discolor or bleach if handled too often and the same applies to the humidity, condensation or any other damp area which is definitely not good because the card will get ruined and may even become mouldy.

We hope these steps help you to maintain the longevity of your figures so they will last you for many years because figures are collected by people all over the world and have become prized possessions so looking after them and keeping them in tip top condition is a must for any avid collector if you also wish to keep their value because they may become very profitable one day.