Pre-Order Policy

When placing a Pre-Order at Figureland, you are agreeing to our Policy below which must be read before placing the order.

Dates shown on each Pre-Order product are only estimated dates given by our distributors, so they are never always accurate and are subject to change without notice and if delays occur, we kindly ask customers not to contact us by email because we will contact you as soon as the stock arrives no matter how late the products are.

If you see the same product arriving at one of our competitors, please do not inform us because this is nothing to do with Figureland and we do not work in time or at the same pace as competitors because we all purchase stock from different distributors and arrival times may vary.

Updates cannot be provided if unavailable but on occasion, products arrive before the dates shown but please do not have any concerns regarding your order if it does not arrive by the due dates shown, all customers are notified as soon as the stock arrives.

Please do not rely on Pre-Order products being here on time for a special occasion like a Birthday, Halloween or Christmas because we cannot guarantee they will arrive.

Figureland is not held responsible for delays or price changes caused by the manufacturers.

Will always try to update Pre-Order product pages as often as possible if the manufacturers provide updates.

What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-Ordering is way to order newly announced products that are due to be released at a later date and it is a way to reserve a product that will shipped to you once the stock arrives so long as full payment has been cleared.

This is also a great way to order and secure those rare, limited or special edition products so we always recommend ordering these as soon as possible.

Please remember to order in stock products and pre-order products separately because if they are ordered together, you are agreeing to wait for the pre-ordered products to arrive and have everything shipped together.

If you order in stock and pre-order products together and are expecting the in stock items to be shipped right away, then you will have to pay additional shipping fees so please order them separately.

Repeated cancellations on Pre-Orders could have your account restricted to ordering In Stock items only.


Please do not send emails if products are delayed, we will update the release date in the event this happens but we don't always have the information plus we are not responsible for release schedules so please contact the manufacturer directly for more information and don't worry because the products will get here sooner or later unless they are cancelled and if they are, you will notified immediately.

Customers have asked about paying for a pre-order item once it is in stock but are concerned that the stock we have ordered may have sold out before it arrives through pre-orders but usually the suppliers will have extra stock that can be ordered in but if not, the easiest way to assist customers with this kind of situation is to ask that they call or email about a product they want and we will reserve one and will contact the customer once the stock has arrived and we will hold it for a limited time because we know some don't get paid until the end of the month.

Pre-Order products and prices may be subject to change by the manufacturer.

For more expensive products, you can spread the cost by calling the business line and we will help set this up for you.

Do we charge for Pre-Ordered products right away?

Yes and no, the choice is down to the customer because there are numerous ways for customers to pre-order.

Instant online payment in full.

PayPal Credit - Allows you to spread the cost but you will need to have a PayPal Credit account with PayPal.

PayPal Payment Plan - You will need to contact us to set up a PayPal Payment Plan and you will receive an invoice on a weekly/monthly basis with an agreed amount or you can pay a minimum 10% deposit and pay the rest once the stock arrives.

​​​​Instant online card payment in full.

Klarna Pay In 3 - Spread the cost with 3 equal payments


Pay After Delivery - This option is only available after a credit check with Klarna.

For full details about Klarna, all businesses are required to include a page about how Klarna works so please take a look at the page on this link.
Klarna Information Page

Sage Pay
Instant online card payment in full.

You can call the business line to place a telephone order by card, which will be processed through Sage Pay, and with this option you can pay in full, pay a deposit or spread the cost.

Stripe with Apple Pay
Instant online payment in full.

Bank Transfers
A requested option from customers who prefer to pay by Bank Transfer in full or by instalments so please choose this option and you will see the business account number and sort code for you to arrange this, and please use your order number for the reference and notify us once any payment has been processed.

A minimum of 10% must be paid for any pre-orders.

Telephone Orders
For telephone orders, please call the business line if you would like to pay by card in full, pay a minimum 10% deposit and the rest once the stock arrives or set up a Payment Plan with weekly or monthly instalments.

Cheques and Postal Orders
Good old fashioned payment methods paid up front when an order is placed or once the stock arrives but they will need to be cleared first before an order can be processed and dispatched.

Cash On Delivery
If you are a local customer close to the UB7 / Heathrow area, your order can be delivered for free and you can pay cash on delivery but we recommend that you contact us first if you require this service to arrange a delivery time and day.

We are looking at new and alternative payment methods that include spreading the costs through the website on the order page but due to some technical difficulties integrating this, we haven't managed to set anything up just yet.

Pay Nothing
If you are a customer that wants to pre-order a product but you do not wish to pay anything until the product has arrived, there are a couple of options.

Contact us about the product you are interested in so it can be reserved and you will be notified when the stock arrives and then just place an order as standard.

You can also use Bank Transfer as the payment method and just pay for your order by Bank Transfer when the stock arrives and again, you will be notified when the stock arrives.

Once the stock arrives and a customer has been notified, if there is no reply within 7 days, the product/s will be added back in to stock.

Interested in a Pre-Order product but don't want to Pre-Order?

If you are interested in a newly announced product that is available to pre-order but you do not want to place an order and would rather wait until a product is released, there is no guarantee that additional stock will be available but we always order extra stock when and where possible so the easiest option is to contact us about a product you are interested in and we will be happy to reserve one for you if requested and once the stock arrives, we will notify you but if there is no reply within 7 days, the product will added back to stock.

We cannot order and reserve high priced items, these must be pre-ordered or you can use the On Request service once a product is released and in stock at the suppliers.

I only want to pay a 10% deposit

If you wish to pay just a 10% non-refundable deposit, you can call the business telephone line and pay by card or use the Contact Us page and state how you would like to pay and the options are a PayPal Invoice, Bank Transfer, Cheque or Postal Order and once the product arrives, you will be required to complete the final payment in full.

We will also allow you to spread the cost on items with a payment plan after a 10% deposit is paid but you will need to contact us first by using the Contact Us page or by calling us on the business telephone line so we can arrange this for you.

Spread the cost with a payment plan

To help you spread the cost on selected products, you can call the business telephone line and this can be set up for you, or you can do this by Bank Transfer or with PayPal where we can except a minimum 10% deposit, and then except individual payments with weekly or monthly instalments and you can pay as little or as much as you wish on each occasion, and once full payment including the shipping costs have been cleared, your item will be dispatched if the item is in stock or it will be dispatched when the item is released and in stock.

If you wish to pay more than the 10% deposit required, no problem, we can help you to work out a payment plan plus there are no additional costs involved when spreading the costs as all orders are based on a 0% interest basis, which some competitors do not offer.

Pre-Ordering and purchasing In Stock items together

We recommend that you place separate orders rather than mixing pre-orders and in stock items or you will have to wait for the full order to be in stock before your order is dispatched, which will be at a later date when the pre-ordered items have been released and are in stock.

If you are ordering several pre-ordered items that are released at different times, you are agreeing to wait for all items to be in stock and have them shipped together.

We reserve pre-ordered products on a first come first served basis but occasionally pre-ordered products may be oversold at the suppliers so you may have to wait for back ordered stock and if your order cannot be fulfilled, you will be fully refunded.

The problem with ordering in stock and pre-order items together is you are paying one postage fee for a complete order and if you want the in stock items posted right away, you will have to pay additional shipping costs.

Can I cancel a Pre-Order?

Yes of course, you have a legal right to cancel any order but you must telephone us or send us a message within 14 working days from the date the order was placed by using the Contact Us page, then state your name and order number plus the item you wish to cancel otherwise you will charged the 10% non-refundable fee to cover administration costs and cancellation fees with the manufacturer and the supplier.

Why is 10% non-refundable?

This is pretty much a standard rate with most businesses around the world to cover administration costs and the cost of cancelling an order with the manufacturer and the supplier who charge cancellation fees but it may also be used to cover the cost of having to pay for an item that cannot be cancelled as well as having to keep the item in stock, which we may not be able to sell.

If you do not agree with the 10% non-refundable fee when pre-ordering, please do not use the pre-order service and simply wait for the product/s to be released but there is no guarantee the product/s will be available once the stock arrives if they have sold out through pre-orders.

Retailers in this business will have similar policies in place but we are always happy to listen to opinions and suggestions to help support our customers so if you have an ideas how we can improve our pre-ordering service, we would love to hear from you.

What happens if a new product is cancelled by the manufacturer?

In the event that a manufacturer has to cancel a new product that customers have pre-ordered, all customers will be notified and any funds owed will be fully refunded back to them.