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Available On Request

The new 'AVAILABLE ON REQUEST' service was launched in March 2017 and helps to prevent products being listed as out of stock and allows them to be available from one of our suppliers because they hold thousands of products from many manufacturers and we just don't have the storage capacity to stock everything they can provide.

All products listed as 'AVAILABLE ON REQUEST' are available at the time of listing but we would recommend that you contact us first just to confirm that a product is still available.

Due to the vast range of products available, it will be an ongoing process to list them but we will be doing our best to remove any product when we know that it is no longer available.

All of our listed products that show the 'AVAILABLE ON REQUEST' tag can be ordered in when requested and this enables us to offer a much larger range of products.

Simply place your order as standard and the product can be ordered in with the next batch of stock arrivals, which can be within 24 hours and up to 2 weeks depending on where the product is being ordered from and you will be notified when the product or products have arrived.

Similar stores offering a Back Order service but this means they may have to wait for the supplier to restock items which could take weeks or even months to order and we don't know of any store that offers an 'Available On Request' or On request service so remember where you saw this first!

There are so many products and manufacturers not listed as yet and we are here to help you so if there is anything you may be looking for, we will do everything we can to assist you but if it's an older product, suppliers may have sold out but we can still search for you.