Loyalty Rewards Program

We appreciate all of our loyal customers who support Figureland so all you need to do to claim Loyalty Rewards is to register an account with us and you will start earning points on purchases once you have logged in to your account and you place an order but ordering as a guest will not earn Loyalty Rewards.

Important Note: Loyalty Points can only be viewed during the checkout process once an item has been added to the shopping cart plus if using Klarna as your payment method, Loyalty Points will not currently work with Klarna so please use Sagepay or PayPal Express.

To register with Figureland, simply place an order you will be given the option to register an account or you can contact us before placing an order and we will set up an account for you which will include a temporary password enabling you to log in to your new account and start earning and you can then change the temporary password to a new one of your choice.

To earn Loyalty Reward points, simply add the product/s to the shopping cart, place your order and once your order has been completed and dispatched you will earn your points which can be used to purchase products or used as discounts on purchases. 

You can save and build up the points earned if you wish to claim even more off any future purchases because we do not use an expiry date so your Loyalty Reward points will remain in your account until they are ready to be used.

Our Loyalty Rewards program is a completely FREE service that we offer to account holders only.

Other Ways To Earn Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Reward points are given on every purchase made and the points you can earn for each product are shown just above the 'Add To Cart' button on each product page but you can also earn additional points by using one or all of the following methods.

125 Points if you refer a friend and they complete their first order but you will need to inform us who your friend is and what they have ordered.

Additional points may be rewarded if and when we offer seasonal bonus incentives like during the Christmas or Halloween periods and could include such bonuses as Double Reward points or spend over £100 and receive 'X' amount of points.

We may also at our discretion allow customers to enter competitions to earn points, prizes or both.

How Much Is A Loyalty Reward Point Worth

For every £1.00 spent, 1 point will be earned and 1 Loyalty Reward point is worth £0.02.

Loyalty Rewards Are Not Earned Or Will Deducted For One Of The Following Reasons:
If we supply to other businesses or traders, points will not be earned. 
Points are not earned on shipping costs.
If an order is returned or cancelled, the points earned will be deducted but if an order was placed using points, the points will be added back to your account.
Points are not earned if you order as a guest, you must register an account with us to earn Loyalty Rewards.

How To Spend Loyalty Reward Points

Loyalty Reward points will be shown during the checkout process and can be selected as payment or part payment so if there are enough points earned, you can pay for your order with points.

Loyalty Rewards On Pre-Orders

You can earn Loyalty Rewards on Pre-Ordered products once they have been dispatched to you but they will be lost if the order is cancelled.

Loyalty Rewards Terms and Conditions

Once a customer has signed up and registered an account with Figureland, they will automatically start receiving Loyalty Reward points on every purchase completed.
Points can be used to purchase an item or used as a discount on any order.
Points cannot be exchange for cash or transferred between individual accounts. 
Points earned can only be used on purchases when buying products from the Figureland website and they cannot be used on any other selling channel we use or may use in the future, which includes eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or Gumtree etc.

If any order is lost or stolen once dispatched, any points used will be added back to your account.
Loyalty Reward points are only for personal and consumer use.

Figureland reserves the right to remove points from customer accounts in the event of abuse being identified or suspected. 

Figureland has the right to withdraw the Loyalty Rewards program without notice.